Flora Beverley

Flora Beverley

Flora Beverley is in short, a delight. Ultra runner, biologist, model, blogger, and sustainable entrepreneur, is there anything she can't do? Flora's optimism and passion for what she does is infectious, and at the source of her achievement we found a commitment to being a force for good. We had the joy of sitting down to interview her, here's what she said...
You are an ultra runner and an inspiration to anyone wanting to get into fitness. What do you love about running?

Thank you! First and foremost, I love that running allows me to explore and spend time in nature. I used to walk and hike a lot, but running gives me the ability to do a lot more in less time! I’ve visited some incredible places, met amazing people and I’ve seen how running can change people’s lives for the better. The community is awesome!


The environment is a theme of your blog and you recently launched a sustainable members club, Leo's Box- congratulations! What's your relationship with nature? How do your values translate into your everyday life?

Thank you! I’ve always been obsessed by nature and the natural world, ever since I can remember. I studied biology at university and since then have taken a lot more time to understand sustainability, conservation, ethical production, and the barriers to people accessing more sustainable options in this country. That’s the reason we set up Leo’s Box – we provide sustainable skincare and home products at wholesale prices (up to 70% off!). Making sustainable choices shouldn’t be limited to just those who can afford the premium.

In everyday life I do what I can to live more consciously, and part of that is encouraging more people to do the same online. I may be plant-based, but if I can convince 50 other people to eat less meat then that’ll have even more impact than my actions alone. I’m definitely not perfect (who is?) but I feel like as I get older, I’m making more and more decisions that’ll hopefully positively benefit the planet – starting in our nature haven garden!


A nature haven garden sounds like an incredible project- wishing you the best of luck with it! Changing the topic, you have spoken openly about struggling with an eating disorder, how did you change your relationship with food to get to where you are today? How has the experience shaped who you are today?

Sadly, it’s difficult to recover from an eating disorder without professional help. It’s an insidious disease that finds a way to creep back in unless you shut it out firmly, so that’s exactly what I did. I had lots of help in recovery and now my relationship with food is even better than it was before! First I started thinking of food as a necessary fuel (to fuel my sports, which I wanted to be good at), but now food is a source of delight and happiness, as it should be. I’ve never understood people who aren’t fussed by food – it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures!


Speaking of life's pleasures, what's your ultimate form of self care?

In summer, long walks with the dog make me feel human again after a stressful day or week. In winter, it’s hot baths, wine and a big blanket to snuggle on the sofa with. I’m quite a low maintenance person, so I don’t need much. I would feel just as mentally rested after a weekend camping as I would after a spa day. 



And finally, do you have a mantra you live by? If so, what is it?

Always do what you might regret not doing.


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