Nicole Winhoffer

Nicole Winhoffer

Meet Nicole Winhoffer, the fitness guru transforming our relationship to our bodies. Her infamous NW method strips away one-dimensional notions of the body and teaches people to nourish the mind as well as the body, giving the phrase ‘feeling yourself’ a whole new meaning.

It started off with a love of music and dance. Music allows “what's inside to come out”, Winhoffer explained, a way to ignite passion and discover inspiration. It comes as no surprise that her musical passion led her to a career in the spotlight, and by the early age of 17 she had already been cast to dance in illustrious Broadway shows, such as Wicked and Bombay. In order to keep fit and able to endure the jam-packed nature of Broadway schedules, she developed her own style of training. Little did she know she was about to create a training program that would give her clients around the world their own spotlight, a stage facilitating their own journey towards self-discovery. The NW Method.

The NW method allows for a more in-depth understanding of the body, as Winhoffer took it upon herself to study multiple avenues of wellbeing: anatomy, sports science, dance, and eastern practices. As a result, she fostered a more holistic outlook on health and the body, focusing on “unlocking energy that transforms from the inside out”. And so began what Winhoffer describes as her greatest achievement: creating a program that went from benefitting one person, to countless! “I wanted to find a way to bring the NW Method to every ‘body’”, she explained, and some of those bodies included some of most iconic celebrities in the industry. Stella McCartney, Kate Hudson, and Madonna were just a few of the star-studded celebrities she trained – it’s not everyday you get the chance to encourage the Queen of Pop to ‘let your body move to the music’!

After the success of her training program, she went global. She was recognised for her formidable strength and named the first Women’s Global Ambassador for Adidas by Stella. Winhoffer taught her technique around the world, not only focusing on shaping bodies but shaping minds. She was also given the title of Creative Director for Madonna’s company Hard Candy Fitness, where she created a program called Addicted to Sweat – a series of fitness DVDs also taught as guided workouts in Madonna’s gyms all over the world. Luckily for you, Winhoffer’s most recent endeavour – NWChurch – has made it even easier for global audiences to unlock their inner self that’s ready to sashay its way to centre stage.

The app offers an extensive range of training programs all catered to improve both mental and physical strength. As fun as they are beneficial, you can also complete the programs alongside Winhoffer during her weekly Instagram lives, so there’s no slacking allowed for you! She also uses Instagram as a space to spread messages of body positivity and empowerment, posting messages of self-care and breathtaking dance videos. 

Winhoffer’s method has withstood the test of time and transformed the way people think about health. By reconnecting the outside with the in, she encourages us to “bring out our true nature”, and supplies people with the tools to embrace that main character energy.


How would you describe yourself in a few words?

Passionate. Innovative. Artistic. Holistic. Creative. Hard worker. Creator. 


How would you describe ‘The NW Method’ in a few words?

An immersive experience that strengthens your mind, body, emotions, and spirit from the inside out, transforming you and your life.


You have played a leading role in shaping minds and bodies for some of the most influential celebrities in the industry. How did you start in the fitness industry?

After training myself and other dancers in Broadway I was introduced to Madonna, Stella McCartney, Molly Simms, and other artists who wanted to train with me and learn my style.  It was a seamless transition as working with artists is my niche - we speak the same language. 


What were the greatest challenges and achievements as the Creative Director for Hard Candy Fitness, and the Global Ambassador of Women's Training for Adidas by Stella McCartney?

The greatest challenges were managing my time and health. As abundance rose, I noticed that I had to be extra disciplined with my rest, eating, and energy maintenance. Lots of hard work went into Hard Candy Fitness and my Adidas Ambassadorship, and I needed to be well rested and ready to take on the world!

One of my greatest achievements was scaling the NW Method from the few, to the many. I took my customized personal programs and began teaching the Method in a basement in NYC in 2014.  Those classes grew from 3 people to 9000 students.  It’s a privilege to be able to help people improve their well-being and lives.


What does your daily workout routine look like?

I work out 6 days a week. It’s important to keep your body in motion to keep your joints, ligaments, muscles, and internal systems in shape. I use my NWChurch app to choose the program I’ll do for the week – repeating the same program is important as it allows for muscle memory and strength to be measured and improved. I created a 6 Week Master Class which includes an in-depth look at the anatomy, brain, body, and exercises we do each week. We have a great group of people on the app who are fully committed to the journey!


Are there any foods you make sure to include or exclude from your diet? What do you do to treat yourself?

I try to eliminate sugar as much as possible.  Sugar is not great for the body or the mind, but when I do get sugar cravings I love having Halo Top Ice Cream or Soy Delicious Coconut No Sugar Added Ice Cream. It's low in sugar and great in taste.


What are your top three wellness tips?

  1. WOW – Watch Our Words.
    Are you self-encouraging or self-destructing? Your words can become things, so it’s best to keep them clean and clear of negative energy.
  2. Drink three litres of water a day.
    Hydration is so important to health. Drinking lots of water flushes out toxins, brings hydration to your cells, and keeps your internal organs working well.
  3. Journal
    Writing down your feelings, goals, and aspirations allows your thoughts to be released from your mind and brings you one step closer to manifesting them. Too often we keep things bottled up, and can become palpable though pain, sickness, and discomfort. Releasing it from your system and onto paper is healing, whilst bringing clarity to our brains and our bodies.


Lastly, what is your fitness philosophy when training clients?

I believe in embodying the most intimate parts of ourselves. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and energy combine to create the physical body, and reveal who we are. 


You can find out more at:

Instagram: @nicolewinhoffer



Images Courtesy of Adidas Global

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