Crafted to spread goodness

The Teff Cookie Company was founded with a mission to enrich lives with the incredible grain teff. For us, enriching lives goes beyond the end user. It's about every person involved in the creation of our products, respect for our environment we live in, and paying back to communities that support us.

We want to ensure that doing good is at the forefront of our minds in everything we do. Everything we do has the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in mind.

We have joined the worldwide Sedex platform to assist us in ensuring we are always sourcing responsibly.

Every crumb tells a human story.

We currently do not source our teff from Ethiopia or Eritrea to ensure we do not cause any local price fluctuations within these countries. Our teff is grown internationally, within Europe.

We also work with a chocolate supplier who supports a plan of sustainable development for the cocoa territories in Colombia. Their aim is to add true value at origin through improving farmer income, strengthening the social wellbeing of local communities, and maintaining an environmental balance in cocoa growing communities.

We also partner with the charity, Ethiopiaid, to support a street feeding programme in Addis Ababa run by Hope Enterprises. You can support their brilliant work directly through our website when you buy cookies.

Made today for a better tomorrow.

Teff is not just an amazingly nutritious grain, it's also a brilliantly resilient crop. Teff grows in virtually any conditions, including poor soil and in droughts. It also uses far less water than wheat and no pesticides.

One For Me and One For You

Supporting our charity partner, Ethiopiaid to tackle the food crisis in Ethiopia with every cookie. Ethiopiaid partners with Hope Enterprises in Ethiopia to feed over 500 children and adults living in poverty. Their Street Feeding Programme is based in Addis Ababa and Dessie and provides nutritious meals for children and adults across the cities. The cost of one breakfast for a child is just 32p. The programme is part of the wider ‘Ladders of Hope’ scheme helping people in need climb from poverty to prosperity, through education and support of basic needs.

Learn more about Ethiopiaid’s amazing work and the feeding programme here: