The Brand

Do you know what teff is? A few of you are nodding. But not many. And that’s fine. Actually, that’s good. Because we’re here to share teff’s incredible nutritional benefits with you.

Teff is an ancient superfood grain, cultivated and consumed in Ethiopia. A daily staple that’s made into a flatbread called injera. Even Ethiopian endurance athletes rate teff. And it has a history that goes back 6,000 years…so it’s kind of time we caught up.

It’s crammed with calcium. And contains important micronutrients such as B1, B6 and lysine. It’s also super filling.

A bit of background

A trip to Ethiopia led our founder, Jessica Rogers, along a creative and culinary path she certainly hadn’t imagined when she first set foot in that fantastic, fertile land.

Back in her London kitchen, she joined forces with her foodie father to experiment. Her quest? To create a cookie that could be a valuable part of health-conscious eating but also tasted like a serious treat. A nutrient-dense snack. The perfect pick-me-up.

This was no rush job. In fact, attention to detail meant it took years to perfect the recipe (you should have seen the washing-up). Crafted with love from the highest quality ingredients, the result is a superfood super-snack with no unnecessary additives. And no mystery ingredients (unless you count teff). A vegan cookie brimming with wellbeing goodness that by rights, just shouldn’t taste this good.

Oh yes, and after eating just one, you feel satisfied (read pretty damn full) so while you’re tempted to eat a Teff Cookie, you’re not really tempted to eat much else after.

Accept cookies (and that’s not computer-speak)

With messages such as Date Me, Want Me, Bite Me on the pack, ‘accepting cookies’ suddenly has a whole new meaning.

Unlike the mountains of loaded-with-sugar biscuits that we’ve been passing up for years, and even those rows of health-conscious snacks we’ve tried nibbling, there’s nothing like a rich, crumbly, melting Teff cookie when you want to treat yourself (and someone else as it happens because they come in pairs).

A superfood recharge, they’re perfect when you want a pre-workout boost or a post-workout replenish. Or as an alternative breakfast. Or when you’ve had to skip lunch. And did we mention when you just want to treat yourself? There’s three flavours to choose from - Cinnamon Sultana, Chocolate Date and Chocolate Orange. Choices, choices… going to have to hurry you.

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There’s an ongoing blog space too. Called ‘Teff Me’, it’s here people from all walks of life talk about how they work, how they love, how they follow their passions.

In developing The Teff Cookie Company, Jessica was discovering something she loves…and when you get to know Jessica more, you’ll realise discovering what she loves - and passing the pleasure of that creative process on - is her driving force.

So much so, her ethos is part of the brand’s purpose. Just as a Teff Cookie brings wellbeing and enjoyment together, the company collaborates with artists to bring bold, luxe, playful and outgoing concepts to the table, from packaging to pop-ups in galleries.

Jessica hopes something big will grow out of something small. Because teff is also the world’s tiniest grain. There’s 150 grains of teff to one kernel of wheat, so it can easily slip through your fingers or blow free in the breeze. It’s thought that’s where the name teff comes from – the Amharic word ‘teffa’ meaning ‘lost’. Funny right? How something that means lost is all about being found.