Teff x Hermosa: High Protein High Fibre Shake

Teff x Hermosa: High Protein High Fibre Shake

This shake is perfect for a hot day. Combining protein with fibre helps to slow down digestion and improve protein absorption. Aside from this, it tastes amazing! 

HERMOSA protein powder rises above the sea of sameness, focussing on taste to create the most delicious, smoothest protein shake, that you actually look forward to drinking. They use only the highest quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients for their protein powders which come in both whey and vegan varieties. Teff's fitness and endurance enhancing qualities are the perfect match for the silky protein powder.  

Makes: 1 shake


To make, blend:


1 frozen banana

1x Chocolate Date Teff Bite

30g Vanilla HERMOSA 

10 hazelnuts 

300ml Almond milk 


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