Our Story

"I was introduced to teff when I was visiting a friend who worked for the UN in Ethiopia. Amazed by the potential of this tiny grain, I started using it in my own cooking at home in the UK and created our Superblend Bites recipe.

I started TTCC with the vision to amplify the goodness of food. Food fuels our lives, nourishes our bodies, and really good food brings us joy.

Our Bites are made with the highest-quality ingredients selected from ethical suppliers to bring you convenience AND nourishment every day. We’ve selected each of the ingredients in our Superblend Bites from ethical suppliers who pay their workers a fair wage. They’re blended in our UK-based bakery so we know we’re giving our best with every Bite.

I hope they leave you feeling energised, nourished, and happy." - Jessica, Founder

Impact with every Bite

Our charity partner, Ethiopiaid, works hard to break the cycle of poverty in Ethiopia. By working with grassroots partners, they’re able to reach the most vulnerable people and deliver the highest impact. You can find out more about Ethiopiaid by visiting their website
below and support their work by donating a small amount at checkout.

All of our teff is ethically and responsibly sourced from outside of Ethiopia and Eritrea to ensure we avoid causing any political volatility and price fluctuations within the local community.


Nature Based, Science Led

We have partnered with The Edge HPL – a leading Human Performance Lab that counts a
number of the world’s best athletes as their clients. Working with their team of nutrition experts, we formulate new recipes and build a deeper understanding of how our products can be used across various high performance environments.

the edge