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Dr Scott Robinson PhD MSc SENr is a Nutritionist, Physiologist and the Founder of The Edge HPL. Scott works with some of the best athletes in the world as well as entrepreneurs, business people, and parents, to help them achieve their full potential through nutrition. He supports champions internationally, including the iconic George Russell, and has pinned achieving high performance down to a science.

What makes a champion? With qualified nutritionist Dr Scott Robinson

"I think the term champion is unique to each individual and anyone can be a champion in their own right. But I think what we see is that champions aren’t just excellent in one area, they try to be the best they can be in all areas of their life- whether that’s emails, or their promo materials, or spending time with their children. 

In terms of habits, champions are kind to themselves- they don’t give themselves a hard time when they don’t get it right, they reflect and learn from their mistakes. And that’s true across the board- whether it’s slipping up on their nutrition or a misstep in the boxing ring. They’re good at reflecting so they can learn what went wrong and how they can get it right next time (they’ve learnt to fail forward). 

Regarding nutrition for champion athletes, they typically always have a high-quality breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They do not skip meals! And they usually have 2-3 high-quality snacks throughout the day too. Being well prepared with their nutrition is really important and allows them to maintain high energy levels all day. Good preparation also makes life a lot easier for them because they, like most of us, are incredibly busy so it gives them that peace of mind, knowing that they have the right food and snacks to keep them fuelled throughout the day."

Scott on Teff Cookies

"My clients are always asking what’s the best snack to help me lose weight? And I think that’s where Teff Cookies come in. Firstly they have a high nutrient profile, they’re a source of iron, manganese and phosphorus. But also they contain slow releasing carbohydrates and are high in fibre which will help top up the energy stores and keep you fuller for longer. It’s also important to note that while most cookies and biscuits contain ‘unhealthy’ trans fats, teff cookies contain a good amount of benefical unsaturated fats that have been proven to be great for your health and performance.

Teff Cookies are a great snack to have in your bag, or your car for when you’re on the go."

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